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The Alabama Children’s Policy Council (CPC) system originated from the Alabama Juvenile Justice Coordinating Councils and is designed to support providers of children’s services as they work collaboratively in developing community service plans to address the needs of children ages 0-19 and their families. By creating a CPC in each county, the unique needs of each community can be addressed. At the state level, these local needs become the driving force for children’s policies.

Throughout the year, CPC members review the needs of children and families in their community then report their results in a Needs Assessment. This Needs Assessment serves as a blueprint for the counties, state, and legislators to assign priorities to needs and implement programs and services to provide for the needs.

Some programs and services that have developed as a result of the CPC Needs Assessment are listed below:

It is the goal of CPC to provide the most accurate resources and information available to the leaders who work closely with the children and adolescents in our community. 




CPC strives to identify and meet the needs of the children and youth in our community, and to address those needs in ways that will appeal to and be beneficial for them.




If CPC is unable to meet the needs of a particular group exclusively, we familiarize ourselves with the available resources in the area and provide families with referrals to those entities.

A Night For Our Stars 

KIDS Workshop

Yellow Resource Cards

Children's Policy Council of Etowah County is under the umbrella of the Family Success Center's 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status. Children's Policy Council of Etowah County is sponsoring a prom for Special Needs Individuals between the ages over the age of 13, from Etowah County and surrounding counties.

Many Special Needs Children may not have the opportunity to attend prom, and we would like to change that! The Prom should be a family affair!

FOR MORE INFORMATION you can look on our website!

An annual event that serves community members, agency workers and counselors by providing training on topics such as abuse, preventing the use of drugs and alcohol, sex trafficking dangers, social media, incarcerated loved ones and many other ways to remain vigilant in keeping our children safe.

Informational cards with listings of resources in our community and contact information about where to call for help with needs such as housing, clothing, and transportation. 

Education and Financial 

Special Needs and Parental Involvement


One of three special committees that organizes and oversees projects related to educational success and financial wellness.

One of three special committees that organizes and oversees projects that are unconventional , temporary, or that CPC would like to support even if we are unable to make them hands-on projects.

One of three special committees that organizes and  oversees projects related to special needs individuals and their families and that encourage parental involvement in children's lives.

Summer at the Cinemas

An event that serves special needs individuals and their families by offering a private, sensory- friendly showing at Premier Cinemas 16 of a popular box office movie.

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